The little rabbit. Potting plants in everyday items and recycled treasures.

My daughter bought me this little white creamer pot
at the second hand store and thought it
would make the perfect pot for a little plant... 

This little Pepperomia was picked for planting in this little dish.
The Pepperomia is a lovely tropical plant,
which likes bright light to lower light conditions
and thrives with adequate humidity.
We often use this little plant in our covered plant terrariums.

It looked like a little tree waiting to

shelter a little woodland friend,

so I gave this little rabbit a new home;

just in time for Easter.

We have collected many little dishes, pots,
and glasses found treasure hunting at our local flea market,
and second hand stores.
We love recycling these little dishes into plant pots
as a whimsical way to display some of our favorite little plants, and are the perfect size for our window plant shelf.

We will be sharing more of our planted worlds soon.


Sunday Morning Cuddles.

Coming in from the cold, and greeted with warm hugs.

Sunday Morning Cuddles with Milla. 


Double Exposure; Nature's green eyes.

Another multiple exposure created from an older image.

A simple edit;
however always loved the emphasize on her eyes, 
so I thought I would share.


Burgundy Shamrocks & Unicorns Under Glass. For the Love of Glass Covered Terrariums.

Oxalis 'Burgundy' 
Burgundy Shamrock

We purchased this Burgundy Shamrock plant 
from one of our local greenhouses. 
we fell in love with it instantly.

This plant's little heart shaped leaves and vibrant colors, 
decorated with tiny little yellow flowers, 
makes it even more of a joy to watch grow.


Many of our glass covered plant terrariums 
have a piece of the this sweet plant in them, 
as we were happily surprised how well they thrive under glass.

This adorable little plant requires light sun, 
and does well by a lit window.

This terrarium is home to our sweet little Unicorn.

This shamrock plant started out with a 2 inch cutting, 
and has grown as high as the glass cloche lid in just over 3 months.

It provides the perfect shelter with a grassy field of Club Moss 
for this miniature white Unicorn to wander about.

Illuminated at nightfall; 
creating a dreamy wonderland under glass.